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What does your organization do?

We help people. We have a passion for young adults. We provide mentoring and recourses. We provide scholarships. We pay peoples debts off.  We’re a part of an community that provides  meals and furniture to families. During the pandemic we helped give out over 30,000 boxes of food. We teach young people skills that could put them in better positions to provide for themselves.


Where does your name come from?

The organizations name comes from a solution based place. We feel that if we all want to live in a world we love, then we all have to do our part and love a little. It doesn’t take much when we all participate! 


Why do you give scholarships to people already in college?

Young adults are often forgotten about once they cross the high school stage. They’re sent off to college without the tools to sustain a fruitful career while they’re there. Many students don’t even know that they can qualify for scholarships while they’re in school. This foundation wants to play a part in the furthering of education of the young people that may just need a little more time to get themselves on the path that’s going to bare the most fruit. 


How do I sign up for one of the programs?

I Love this question. All we ask you to do, is email us at with a little bit your current situation. We want to know what got you to where you currently are and what you plan on doing once you reach a certain level success. Then we’ll send you a small questionnaire to continue the vetting process.  If you or someone you know is rejected for any reason, please feel free to try again!


How can people of service to the organization?

We are always in need people willing to volunteer. Feel free to donate via this website. Any amount is appreciated and goes a long way in changing someones life for the better.

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